Chharka-Bhot School

Shree Chharka Bhot Basic School is a community school in the village of Chharka, Dolpo co-managed by Dolpo Tomorrow with basic financial assistance of ICDF ( This school provides access to cost free and quality education for the children of Chharka Community and nearby villages.

Chharka Bhot Basic School was founded in 2003 by a U.S. based NGO called the International Community Development Foundation (ICDF) in collaboration with the Nepalese government. But due to lack of funding and weak management, the school faced a complete interruption in 2013. Hence, to preserve the school, Tsering Samdup and few other youths from Chharka, Dolpo founded the NGO Dolpo Tomorrow and restarted the school in 2014 with the continuous basic sponsorship of ICDF.

Currently we have around 60 students ranging in grade level from ECD (Early Childhood Development) to grade 5. Apart from the regular government curriculum, which covers Nepali, English, Science, Social Study and Math, we also teach Tibetan language to preserve the local Tibetan culture of Dolpo. The school is used not only for basic education, but it is a space for community education and growth. Here we help the children to grow, learn, act and discover their true potential.

The school still faces many challenges: Due to the extreme weather conditions, the school can only function for six months each year, from May through October. This has been a great difficulty for the students above grade 3 as they cannot complete their yearly academic course within the limited time period available. Additionally, during the six months in winter when the school is closed, the children forget what they have learned and significant time needs to be spent at the beginning of the new school year to repeat certain subjects. Hence a heating facility or a passive solar house is needed to be built to prolong the school session by conducting winter classes.

As the current facility only allows the school to teach up to grade 5 at the most, an adequate infrastructure development is needed for the school to provide full basic education up to grade 8 at least. And same time, more number of qualified teachers is needed as number of classes increase yearly.

More over another long term project is needed to be undertaken to support the children’s further education once they finished their basic education in Chharka School. 

Hostel Facility

Being a semi nomadic village, people in Chharka spend most of their time with their animals in the pastures, which keeps many children away from the school. To resolve this issue, we manage a temporary hostel at the school so they can attend classes on a daily basis no matter where the parents are.

Due to the insufficient building facility, we accommodate the kids in the same classrooms where they are taught during the daytime. The kids share a common kitchen with the teachers and their bedding and provisions are managed by their family.
The number of students in the hostel is increasing yearly and we are looking forward to being able to manage a hostel facility separately from the class rooms.

Infrastructure Development 

A strong, bright and child-friendly building with sufficient space and rooms is essential for a school to realize its goal of quality education. In addition to the 4 classrooms built by the government, a block consisting 4 rooms was built by Dolpo Tomorrow in 2018. Two additional blocks consisting of 5 rooms funded by Chay Ya Nepal ( are under construction.

To grow green vegetables for the hostel students and school’s staff, a simple greenhouse was built by ICDF in 2013 and a new one was added in 2018 with support of Chay Ya Switzerland.

With support of Peter Werth, through his organization Himalayan Currents Inc., a wind-solar hybrid power system to provide electricity was installed in 2018.Other envisioned projects to improve the school’s infrastructure:

• Passive solar house for the winter classes.

• Separate hostel building with well-equipped facility.

• Drinking water supply.

• Toilets and hand-washing station.